Other Clematis Street Sites

It's nice when an area has up-to-date personalized localized sites which can provide you with the latest information about what's going on there. We try to do that at walkingclematis by keeping you updated on the openings and closings and various related events that are relevant to Clematis Street and the surrounding area. Recently, another site (unrelated to walkingclematis) has also begun serving a similar function, but in a different way. This site, called "aguyonclematis" provides its updates through pictures rather than text. Obviously, this guy has a better technology for quickly adding high-quality pictures to the site than we have here at walkingclematis. Plus, he appears to work and play on Clematis Street constantly, so his site always has great updates on what's going on. Check out this great site from the link below.

A Guy On Clematis

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