Clematis Street 200 Block

Regis and Kelly discuss Rocco's Tacos on Clematis Street

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Businesses on 200 block north side (listed from east to west)

Pizza Luna (pizza)
Luna Lounge (Turkish restaurant)
Grease Burger Bar (restaurant and bar)
Oh My Chocolate
Dr. Feelgoods/Lost Weekend (nightclubs)
Monarchy (nightclub)
Reef Road & Rum Bar (seafood restaurant)
Phat Sandwiches (lunch restaurant, around corner)

Businesses on 200 block south side (listed from east to west)

Clematis Street Newsstand (news, items, food)
Pioneer Linens (linens, bedding, etc.)
This N' That (small specialty shop)
Rocco's Tacos (Mexican restaurant)
Starbucks (coffee shop)
Design Within Reach (furniture)
Angry Moon Cigars (cigar shop, around corner)

Pizza Luna information
Dr. Feelgoods website
Forte website
Phat Sandwiches website
Pioneer Linens website
This N'That Website
Ann Taylor website
Rocco's Tacos website
Design Within Reach website

Back in 2007, the main activity on the 200 block of Clematis St. between Olive and Narcissus was at the local Starbucks. Since that time, the block has seen a veritable explosion of new activity. The Dr. Feelgoods nightclub has opened up across the street from Starbucks, as well as the Forte restaurant (first an expensive venue and now reasonably priced and very popular). However, by far the most commotion has been created by the opening up of the restaurant called Rocco's Tacos right next to the Starbucks. It's not clear whether it's the food, the atmosphere, the ambience, or something else, but since its opening day, this restaurant has been absolutely jam-packed for both lunch and dinner every day. It seems that, in just a few short months, Rocco's Tacos singlehandedly converted a block that was previously all-but-dead into a happening place where everyone wants to be seen. Rocco's Tacos had it's one-year anniversary in December 2008 and had another great year in 2009. The word on the street is that business for Clematis merchants is down 30% this holiday season (2008) compared to last year (2007). However, you'd never know it walking by Rocco's Tacos. This place continues to draw crowds.

The crowds on this block increased recently (in December 2008) with the opening of another popular restaurant, Clematis Social, directly across the street from Rocco's Tacos. Clematis Social appeared to be as successful as Rocco's Tacos, drawing large crowds at all times (updated, Clematis Social closed in June 2009, had plenty of customers but apparently was losing money). Clematis Social was replaced in 2009 by another great new restaurant called Reef Road & Rum Bar, from the owners of Rocco's Tacos across the street. And in January of 2009, a new night club called Monarchy opened up in the space above Clematis Social. This block is clearly the center of the greatest amount of activity on Clematis Street, both day and night. As of Feburary 2009, the 200 block has become a phenomenal success. The new restaurants on the North side such as Clematis Social (now Reef Road & Rum Bar) and Grease Burger Bar have brought so many new people into the area, that the other pre-existing businesses next door to them (such as Forte) also seem to be a lot more busy than they used to be. This block has certainly come a long way. In her 2009 State of The City address, City of West Palm Beach Mayor Frankel described a typical evening on Clematis Street about four years ago ending with "fights and gunshots". Although that may have been somewhat of an exaggeration (as it was never that bad since I got here three years ago), it certainly contrasts wildly with what's going on there today. The 200 block is now crowded with diners most nights of the week, and there is certainly no sign of fights or gunshots. The transformation on this block has been incredible. It looks like this success and energy is poised to translate further west to the 300 block in 2010.

New Grease Burger Bar Opens Up

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