Clematis Street 600 block

Businesses on 600 block north side (from east to west)

None: Police station and parking garage

Businesses on 600 block south side (from east to west)

None: 610 Clematis condominium and post office

People who have been in downtown West Palm Beach a long time would tell you that the 600 block of Clematis (just west of Rosemary Avenue) used to be the site of an old run-down boarding house. How things have changed! A major modern condominium building with approximately 300 units was built there and opened up to residents in 2006. Despite all the doom and gloom in the real estate market, this building (610 Clematis) is literally packed with people. Yes, values have declined since the building opened, but owners who originally wanted to sell have no problem finding renters for their units in this building, because of its location, location, location.

This luxury condominium's location provides it with the best of both worlds -- Clematis St. and CityPlace. You cannot beat the convenience. One block away from Publix supermarket and the restaurants and bars of the Clematis St. 500 block, and the new City Center & library opening in 2009. Two blocks away from the extensive shopping, restaurants, and movies of CityPlace down Rosemary Avenue. And right next to the police station and post office and also just a few blocks from Tri-Rail, Am-Trak and all major PalmTran bus connections.

This building is located right at the central corner where the free downtown trolley goes by on its way from CityPlace to Clematis Street and back. From the balconies, you can watch the trolley make its way back and forth, along with many other less conventional kinds of transportation shuttling people from CityPlace to Clematis (horse carriages, rickshaws, bicycles, etc.) If you don't want to walk those two blocks to your destination, you can always hop on the trolley or something else. You definitely don't need a car around here.

The building (and the downtown in general) has a diverse mix of inhabitants. A good number of the owner-residents are active retirees, and there is also a substantial younger crowd (mostly renters). With the large number of residents now coming in and out of the main building entrance at Clematis and Rosemary, this corner has now become a center of activity in downtown West Palm Beach. Long vacant retail space in the area has started to sprout up with new businesses, including Phat Sandwiches and Urban Dog Sitters just adjacent to the building. Business has been brisk at Urban Dog Sitters, given the large number of building residents who walk their dogs in the area, and Phat Sandwiches is slowly catching on as people are beginning to realize how delicious their sandwiches are.

This area still has a ways to go, as the retail units within the building are still vacant and some of the businesses on the 500 block continue to struggle. That block is actually a focus of the Downtown Development Authority 2009 budget, so expect to see some really good things there. The opening of the new public library, photo center, and city government headquarters at City Center in April 2009 should bring further momentum to the resurgence in the 600 block.

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Below are two views of the inner courtyard of the 610 Clematis building (i.e. amenities), looking toward the west. The first view is from the 8th floor and the second view is from the 3rd floor.

Below is a view from a 610 Clematis 3rd floor balcony, looking away from Clematis Street down Rosemary, toward CityPlace. Looks like an inviting walk! The dome in the distance is the Muvico Theater at CityPlace, and the tallest building is the new CityPlace office building.

Below is a picture of Clematis Street taken from the roof of a tall condominium building on Okeechobee Blvd. The building in the middle is the 610 Clematis Condominium. On the right side in the back you can see the City Center library (greenish cylindrical roof) and City Hall dome.

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