Clematis Street Activity

Interesting you pointing out the businesses reducing their opening hours on Clematis street. I have noticed, over the past couple of weeks, that really only a handful - Roxy's, Dr. Feelgood, Grease, Rocco's Tacos and Clematis Social - are actually open, making Clematis Street appear decidedly sleepy and dead for the most part. Not only that, but retail outlets have also been closing down - which is a shame because this has made much of the window space vacant which is a sad sight.

I have not been a long time resident at all so am not sure whether things pick up once the Summer is over, but one can hope because, as things are now, walking up Clematis street isn't a fun experience.

Unrelated, but, the area surrounding The Whitney building has been fairly lively recently. I mean, there are a couple of bars open, a tattoo parlor and more seem to be springing up. Maybe an up and coming mini-quarter?

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