"Bus"-y Thoughts

by Shelley
(West Palm Beach )

First let me tell you how much I enjoy your site. The descriptions of each block and general blogs are all spot-on! I love being a downtown resident who frequents most (if not all) of the locales you mention on Clematis and at CityPlace, and try to keep up, as you do, with all incoming/outgoing businesses. I'm also a regular customer of Center City Pharmacy - isn't the staff great!!

Although I walk a lot, during the week I "bus" it to and from work. As a Palm Tran commuter, I am now in the precarious and inconvenient position of a longer walk to the bus station and the empty streets. I'm not a happy camper, and thought since you wrote the blog, I would vent a little. Thanks for the opportunity.

Keep up the good work!!

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