CityPlace Bookstore

Buy two paperbacks, get 3rd FREE

There is a large Barnes and Noble bookstore located at the southern end of CityPlace, right at the corner of Okeechobee Boulevard and Rosemary Avenue. It's a nice walk down Rosemary Avenue south from the 500/600 block of Clematis Street, mostly through CityPlace.

This particular Barnes and Noble store is a really good one. It has books on the first floor, and then a much larger second floor with a lot of books, magazines, music, other publications, and a full cafe serving Starbucks Coffee products. But what I like most about this store is its hours. It is open until 10 PM every single night (even until 11 PM on Friday and Saturday night). On most nights, it's a quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the other CityPlace shops and entertainment venues.

The Barnes and Noble store is a great compliment to the new West Palm Beach City Library on Clematis Street. The new City Library is great, but its hours are not as extensive on evenings and weekends (it's open only until 8:30 PM Monday through Thursday and closes at 5 PM Friday through Sunday). So book lovers on a budget can spend their time in the library during the day and head on over to the Barnes and Noble in CityPlace during the evening hours, especially on weekends.

It is nice to have two just great venues for book and information browsing, borrowing, and buying, within a few blocks of each other in this small downtown of West Palm Beach. It appears that most of the stores in CityPlace are very popular, including the Barnes and Noble bookstore. Nevertheless, it's always nice to support the local economy by "buying local". In the case of CityPlace, this often means buying from the local branch of a big national chain like Barnes and Noble, because those are the stores that have had the financial strength to survive and thrive there during these difficult recessionary times. Barnes and Noble is currently offering some good special deals.

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