Free Downtown Trolley from Clematis Street to CityPlace

One of the nicest features of downtown West Palm Beach is the free trolley that runs regularly between Clematis Street and CityPlace. These bright red trolleys are always around, and you can hop on one at any time without any worries. Yes, they are free. All you have to do is get on. Trolley stops are located in the middle of every block along the route, and signs at each stop clearly say "free trolley". Nevertheless, I often run into visitors to downtown West Palm Beach who ask me whether the trolley is free. Yes, it's free. Just get on, no worries.

You also don't have to worry about the trolley route, because downtown West Palm Beach is not really all that large a place. If you find it going in a direction that you don't like, just get off at the next block. It basically connects between Clematis Street and CityPlace in a circular route, and if you don't find it going where you want to go, you'll soon be back where you started from in any event. A lot of people seem to enjoy riding the trolley for the sake of riding the trolley. It's just fun! It's all open to the air, so especially on those warmer days and nights, you'll feel a very nice breeze while riding along. The trolley whisks you through those few blocks where there isn't much activity, and then meanders through the more crowded areas as well, such as the 200 block of Clematis Street on one end, and Rosemary Avenue through CityPlace on the other end of its route.

Though the downtown is small enough to walk around in any event, it's also nice to have the trolley there in the case of inclement weather such as rain or a cold snap. When it's not that pleasant to walk outside for whatever reason (albeit rare in South Florida), the trolley offers a faster and more pleasant way to get from point A to point B in downtown.

The trolley has been running along its free route for several years now, and all indications are it will continue for a long time. It is really one of those things that defines downtown West Palm Beach as such a quaint and attractive place to be.

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